About us

The reason for sansah innovations is we realized the significance of innovations in the field of engineering through producing novel electronic products which are cost effective and beneficial to the society. We aim at producing goods that can be easily manufactured with simple technology.

Our Vision

Our VISION is to be an engaging and effective partner to our customers by providing reliable and real time solutions in the areas of advanced manufacturing and automation technologies. We shall deliver quality products and services to achieve customer delight in advanced manufacturing technologies by innovating design, manufacturing, marketing and through continuous improvement Awards and Recognition.

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to develop a community, which creates products to fix a problem, address a need, make a task easier, or improve someone’s life and give students the access to technology, cultivate in their minds the seeds of innovation by motivating them to solve real time problems which are useful in both short term and long term by conducting training sessions with requisite resources.

Our Team

Chepuri Sanjay Kumar

Director-C.E.O, SanSah Innovations Pvt. Ltd

“Dream big! Who knows you may be the big thing tomorrow”


Vani Sree Chepuri

Director, SanSah Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

“Success is a journey, not a destination.”


Vishnu Vardhan

C.O.O, SanSah Innovations Pvt. Ltd

“Opportunities become Priorities. Priorities become passion. And passion becomes profession.”


Rangaraju Sai Meghana

Business Lead, SanSah Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

"Practicality is the compass to find a path out!"