System-level conceptual design

The Electronics Manufacturing Services at SanSah Innovations offer specialization in quick turnaround of Prototypes and production in the low to medium scale. This Unit has been established for both captive requirements and other enterprises that need electronic manufacturing services which include:

Software development and verification.

CPCB Assemblies (RoHS, Leaded) with highest Quality and on-time delivery.

Focus on Engineering prototypes and Low-mid Volume manufacturing with Quick turnaround time.

upports Single sided, double sided, surface mount and through-hole Assembly.

Assembly of Rigid, Semi-Rigid and Flex PCB's.

Machine and manual soldering Options.

Meticulous assembly backed by highly skilled professionals and process.

Comprehensive & multi-stage QC process ensures consistent quality and high production.

Emphasis on material/Kit verification to minimize in-process delays, rejects & reworks.

Quality control test equipments backed by a highly skilled test engineering team.

Development of Customer specific Test jig..

Circuit design and 3D mechanical design

The complete In-house product design at SanSah Innovations include, System-level conceptual design.

Software development and verification.

Circuit design and 3D mechanical design.

Full prototyping, testing and validation.

Agency approvals and product compliance.

Extensive internal/external testing.